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The Personnel Office at National University of Kaohsiung provides full personnel and human resource services to all the University's colleges and administrative units. The primary businesses of the Personnel Office are managing organization, appointment and dismissal, promotion of faculty and staff, dealing with their salary raise, assessment, transfers, benefits, on-the-job training, leaves, insurance, retirement, welfare, pension and other personnel related matters.

Objective of Job
The Personnel Office is authorized to formulate and amend laws and regulations for faculty and staff members in NUK.

The Personnel Office is responsible for controlling the numbers of our faculty and staff members and for allocating human resources to the departments and administrative units.

The Personnel Office takes the responsibility for planning and executing faculty and staff assessment under the supervision of the university president and under the budget consideration of the university fund.

The Personnel Office has the right to formulate and amend laws and regulations related to faculty and staff assessment.